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Ore decided that if she ever met the man who created a zombie-making virus, she would smack him up with a baseball bat. She decided this about an hour after she was chased up a tree by the creatures, and had nowhere else to go until they left. However, they showed little sign of wanting to go, and she scowled at the three of them, perched on a thick branch as the sun began to set. Tucking her legs up, Ore sighed, bored and hungry. She was thankful that the stupid things couldn't climb, but had gone against mocking them about it, in fear of one scrambling up and pushing her out of the tree, down to its hungry friends. So instead, she had resorted to throwing her phone, wallet and mp3 away to try and distract them. Sadly, they hadn't seemed interested and just stared up at her, as she pointed to the items before giving up.

"Stupid zombies... Go chew an electric cable!"


Rex howled with laughter, kneeling on the floor as she held her sides, tears streaming down her face. She knew that Rosylia was scowling at her, but she couldn't bring herself to check in fear of killing herself with even more laughter. As the zombies died off and began to run out, the four had taken up a more permanent refuge in a small house they had barricaded up. However, after months of fighting the creatures, they weren't taking chances and had rigged traps everywhere. Somehow, Rosylia had fallen victim to the classic 'hoop on the ground yanks them upside down from a tree' one by the side gate, and Rex had stumbled across her. Now, Rosylia was forced to watch Rex howling with laughter at her expensive as she swayed slightly, her fingertips not quite able to brush the ground.

"I will kill you" Rosylia told her in a deadpan tone, and Rex just sniggered even more, finally getting some control on her laughter

"What, ya gonna swing over here and da it?" she asked, laughing as Rosylia glared at her.

"Just get me down, damn you"

"Only if ya give me half ya sweet stuff"

"....fuck, fine. Remind me not to save your ass again though"


Doug wrinkled his nose up, as did the other three as they looked down the hole

"That's just... ew" Rex frowned, waving a hand to try and dissipate the smell. No
such luck. Mike just sighed and carried on searching the building for supplies, and Rosylia gave a snicker, earning a glare from the others. "What's sa funny?"

"If we barbeque all the zombies in the world, we just might solve world hunger" she snickered again, then yelped when an empty water bottle smacked into the side of her head.

"We might just make more progress if we didn't have a bitchy, whiny sniper..."


"No" Rosylia knew she wouldn't be listened to, she never was anymore, but she tried vainly all the same, shaking her head. "No, no and no"

"Ah, shut up ya miserable git, he's adorable!" Rex cooed. The puppy was sat at the feet of a young boy, who was petting him whilst keeping his eye on the four adults.

"Doug, tell her we can't keep the kid" Rosylia tried again, and Doug shot her an incredulous look.

"We can't just leave him here!" Doug stared at Rosylia, who whined and looked at Mike, who was in turn approaching the kid with an outstretched hand.

"Yeah, Doug's right..." Mike smiled, and Rosylia felt like slamming her head into something. First a dog, now a child; they were well on their way to playing happy families. Glancing over at the kid, she noticed it-him staring at her and stared back. She didn't want to break the eye contact, and neither did the kid it seemed, making Rosylia scowl at it as well. The others laughed when the kid scowled back just as much, before Doug slapped the back of Rosylia's head, making her blink. The kid smirked triumphantly and took Mike's hand, beaming up at the man. "See?
He isn't gonna slow us down one bit!"

"No, he'll just kill me in my sleep" Rosylia growled, then ducked another swipe from Doug and Rex. Glaring, she took point, storming a few steps ahead, her gun held tightly. If she died because of that kid, she was going to haunt it so hard...

A collection of random bits and bobs related to Zomg. None of this is relevant to the actual story line, Ore is not going to be in Zomg, there will be no kid joining them, and as far as I know, no zombie bbq pit XD;;

Plus, the idea of Rosylia hanging upside from a tree by her ankle was too darn awesome to pass up. She totally deserved it for not accepting the kid they met later. Karma knows these things -nodnod-


Doug, Mike, Puppy are (c) ~btz2005

Rex, Rosylia, Ore, Child are (c) ~Liquid-Lover-18
Nevesmose Featured By Owner May 5, 2010
They're all oddly cute, in their own ways. :aww:
Liquid-Lover-18 Featured By Owner May 6, 2010
^^ Thank you~!
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