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Rex scowled at Mike, folding her arms sulkily as she turned herself to face out of the window. "What the hell kinda question is that ta ask someone?!" she snapped, and he rolled his eyes a little.

"Oh come on... it's not that personal!" he protested, and she snorted, shaking her head a little.

"I dunno what kind of accent it is. Honestly. I just picked it up ta piss my folks off. True story, the end, everyone lives happily ever after in the zombie infested world" she smirked, and he nudged her with his foot.

"That's not fair"

"It's the truth! I swear ta whatever god it is!" she grinned, and he sighed.

"I believe you, nobody else would..."


Sighing, Rosylia gave up trying to fall back to sleep. She and Doug couldn't fit in the bed together, not that she wanted to, and had to both settle with the floor. Doug was fast asleep, but Rosylia just couldn't convince her body to rest anymore. Years of staying up at night and sleeping in the day were settled in her system, and despite being exhausted, she just couldn't get to the calm mind set needed. Sitting up, she fully gave up, scowling at Doug. Her right hand was bound to his left one, which meant he could still use his gun, but meant she couldn't use her dominate hand to use her rifle, which needed both hands to get a good shot as it was.

Feeling vulnerable, she studied the restraint carefully in the dull light, attempting to seek out anything that would give and set her free. Admittedly, she didn't want to be going solo in the current situation, but she didn't want to be exposed and unable to defend herself either. Unable to find one fault, she glared at the sleeping man.

"Fuck you to hell"
The next morning came quickly to the four, who were feeling a lot more rested then before. However, although they had solved the sleep issue, another one now replaced it.

"Why is the fridge empty?!" Doug grumbled, slamming the door shut as Rosylia, now free from her restraints to him, smirked.

"Maybe you ate it all last night? Y'know, sleep eating?" she grinned as he flipped her off, leaning back on her chair by the kitchen table. The water and electricity were still on for now, since it had only been around a day since the invasion, but they were all aware of the fact it wouldn't last.

"Ya ta still fighting?" Rex sighed as she entered the kitchen area, having just freshened up quickly. Mike was still on guard whilst the others looked for any supplies.

"They started it" both of them snapped, before glaring again. Rolling her eyes, Rex checked the cupboards, clucking her tongue when none were found.

"Looks like we eat elsewhere, ya guys. Unless plates are ya thing. Or doorknobs. I miss Chompy"
Soon, the four were back in the alley. It was empty, bar the bodies from yesterday, and they decided to stick to back alleys for safety. Theoretically, most of the infected would be on the main streets, as they were the more crowded of the two. They did expect to meet some of the things in their trek, but the less, the better. A part of them all also hoped that more people, others fighting to survive, would think like them and they would bump into each other.

However, the silence that hung over the morning, only broken by the odd groan that carried or the whine of the wind, dampened their mood and hopes. Shaking his head, Doug checked his gun one last time, before nodding to the others. Receiving 3 nods back, he took the lead, as the others followed. A debate had broken out on the formation. Rosylia wanted to take the back of the group; her weapon was long ranged. Doug, however, wasn't going to let her hang at the back where she could slip away if the opportunity arose. Grudgingly, Rosylia agreed to stick with the other pair in the middle and fall back slightly if a huge ambush attack occurred.

"I wonder how this all happened, ya know? It just doesn't...happen!" Rex broke the silence as they walked, speaking in a hushed tone. Mike just nodded as Doug shook his head, still against the zombie theory.

"Well, zombies aren't suppose to happen either... so maybe it just did happen" Rosylia shrugged, and Rex scowled at the other woman.

"That's just stupid"

"So are you"

"OH! That is it, ya little bitch, I'm gonna kick your-"

"Shhhhh!" Mike hissed, and the pair fell silent. The shuffling of feet could be heard up ahead, around the corner. The four raised their guns, Rosylia hopping onto the nearby dumpster as Doug ducked for the other two. They were all low on ammo, not having much to start with, and with a collectively held breath, they awaited whatever it was to appear from around the corner...
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Tada~ Zomg 7... Wow. 7 already!

Sorry for the shortness of this one. Personal stuff got into the way, but I'm pleased I didn't focus on just the night. 'Cliffhanger' ending isn't very suprising or clever, I know, but it could go anywhere! Will they be attacked by another set of zombies? Will it be the long awaited calvary? will Chompy make a shocking return? Tune in next week, at Brook's, for the startling revelation of 'who is there?'!

Doug and Mike are (c) ~btz2005

Rex and Rosylia are (c) ~Liquid-Lover-18
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btz2005 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
Low ammo. Quarreling women.

Yep, they're fucked. XD
Liquid-Lover-18 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
XD We need bullets and chocolate, STAT!
btz2005 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010
I might have to solve BOTH those problems...
KaruLeonnese Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Chompy lives on forever! XD
Liquid-Lover-18 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
If not in body, then in spirit! Huzzay!
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