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My laptop is in for repairs, so I won't be around for 2-3 weeks. Not that I was really around anyways, but this is my new excuse XD

So, there may be a surge of postage when I get back online (I hate this zombie-based computer so there's no way I'm even looking at DA's posting a Dev page) from notebooks and whatnot- Maybe the pen and paper will zap something into my brain.

On a random note, the 10,000 kiriban is approaching, should be here by 2011, so I'll do a writing for the 1st person to get it -shrug- I'll probably forget I've said this, but I'm feeling pretty nice right now.

Jobcentres can go burn in hell. You lose IQ points in there. Seriously. Driving tests failed: 2.


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Just a quick note, I'm a tad bored ^^'

Everything's going better to an extent. Job is being a bitch as usual, so I'm just gonna take it they don't want me anymore. -_-+ Could of told me, but ah well. Got exam award thing through, so thats official and dandy. Driving is going good, test coming relatively soon -fingers cross-

Zomg... will be removed when the other half is, so that there isn't just half a story floating around. I may tweak it and continue something like it on, but assume Zomg is ended.

Hoping to get some fresh stuff posted soon, but depends on things.

All the best~
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Well, DA.... Long time no see it feels ^^'

Finished college at long last with a higher-than-expected grade, so I'm happy about that. The 'Graduation dinner' they held was pretty decent, long drive it felt but the food was good, and the company not too bad ^^

As it may be noticed... Not much activity here. Can't be helped, I guess. Zomg is... on hiatus, I'm guessing, and will be for an undetermined period of time. Likewise with any other writings I may of had going that I can't remember at this time.

Driving test approaching quickly. Terrified. -gulp-

No job. No stables. No nothing. So, low point? Yeah, in all factors really. If I pass my driving, I'll feel a lot better, but I doubt I'll do it; statistics are against me. Oh well, I'll have to find something to do for a year. Like to travel, prolly won't. Uni been put off for a year, but I'm still unsure. Oh well.

Well, that's it for another few months. C'est la vie, oui?

Hopefully, something will be posted. Ta-ta~

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Warning for Zomg: This chapter (9) will pretty much be a 'getting to know the peeps' one, and won't really progress the story, so feel free to skip it if ya don't care about the characters, and just want zombie action. Again, feel free to ask questions...

College isn't great. Uni thins isn't good at all. Life in general isn't being fun. x_x Nuff said.

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^^' I think it's about time for Christams and 2009 to be put behind us, yes?

As a few have seen, a new project featuring btz2005 and myself along with zombies is underway, with the title 'Zomg' I'll write a part one week, he'll write the next, and so on and so forth. Fun, yush?

It may be a bit unclear now, but feel free to ask questions or just watch it unroll~

Other news... Uni stuff isn't going great. College is going fine. Other stuff is in the middle.

That's all...

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Merry Christmas folks~ Hope you all have a good one~

Don't forget to have an awesome New Year, and to embrace 2010 with open arms and eyes!


With the messages out the way, not a lot been going on ^^' New Years resolution to post here more? Oh but yes~

Also, some shameless plugging. My friend, Joe, wishes to be a comedian. He writes a slightly satirical blog at and I would be in your eternal debt if you would just have a peek. I am aware that some of it may not make sense to some people, but please just have a look and leave a little comment if you can, it'll mean a lot to him and me~

That said, Take care~
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...even internet cables -nod-

As a few of you maaaay know, my internet has been messing around, but for once, it was my fault. The cable I use has been abused a little in the past. The plastic end part (Which slots into the laptop/compy) especially hasn't been well treated and the little clip you press on to insert/remove broke off. This meant it kept falling out of its port XD

Long story short, glue didn't seem like a good idea, Bluetack seemed like a worst one, so I tried tape and it seems to be working. If I do disappear though, it could be because it hasn't worked, or it's all melted together. Hoping that the 2nd one is a 'urban legend', I finish my explanation XD

College is okay. Classes are okay, people are okay, journey is okay... All okay ^^'

Work is a bitch. 2 days a month. -_- I spend what I earn and more in 2 weeks, on driving lessons. So just praying that the XMas rush gives me a little more time, or I'll be in trouble T_T

All the best,

-I would do the ten sketch.writing thing, but as at least three of you know, I'm lazy and rarely get stuff done on time. Yeah...-
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Wow.... I have not updated this thing for a while, huh? I can assure you very little has happened. I'm just lazy and dislike DA Journal. It always goes wrong when I try to use it...

So, yeah. Not a lot going on. Worked most the holiday, but not working much this month. Odd, going from 2/3+ a week, to 2 days a month at the moment. -shrug- I suppose with going back to college (sob) it's only fair but I could do with the money. ah well.

College. Another year whilst many friends who didn't screw up are flying off across the UK. I will miss them, though I suppose it's life, so I'm not gonna dwell on it. The true friends will keep on contact, etc etc.

Barely there 'relationship' has been over for a while. Though I was a little sad, it was a relief to be able to relax and not have it hanging over me. Made me think and realise a few things too.

Creative stuff? Very little, and not postible. I will try, I swear. >_> And those who I owe stuff to will get it. And not with a year between like some projects -coughBRRcough- Honest..

Some awesome things I did in the holidays that were awesome:
- Went out 'clubbing' once. Awesomeness
- Did not stop driving lessons
- Managed to practise some sketching. Still terrible
- Did some writing
- X3 finally watched Rent. Just need to watch Moulin Rouge and Easy Virues to be fully happy
- Read all the books I promised I would ^w^

Just to show I've been doing stuff. Oh, and the freezer broke at work. A deep chest one in the shop. Who knew people stared when you mopped it out? Great fun. Except the whole emptying and having to find somewhere to store it. Health and Safety wouldn't approve of chickens being stuffed in the ice cream storage compartment. Silly them...


All the best to all!


(Apologies for spelling mistakes. Can't be bothered to re-read this)
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...Actually no. I'm sick of the old journal.

We had a week of sun, heat and beach weather. I was stuck inside doing coursework. Huzzah. Also, GAH no time left and I need to get everything done or I'll fail and Nyuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

X3 On the brightside, Fortress crack. That is all. Heh


Short journal is short
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No more snow XD All i could think to start off.

No more snow, no more interesting things happening, to be honest. All so very dull and samey where I am, and it's driving me mad! Okay, okay, I moan about drama, but POINTLESS drama. I just need something fun to keep me amused. Like have a horde of puppies run loose in college. That would be fun ^^

Really tempted to keep rats again... I miss having a cuddley companion. Oh, and last week was the most depressing week ever. Seriously. Everything I read, played, or watched had a depressing ending. I kid you not.

Finally overcome writers block, but nothing postible. Just fun little pieces dotted around, which have kept me going. Now I just need to start Dizz's second Kiriban, start Brook's piece, and I'll be all caught up. I think. Anything I've forgotten?

Oh yeah, I'm screwing up probably the only decent relationship I've ever been in. Yeah, nice one.. -_- If we're still together at the end of this month, I'll be amazed. And yes, it's all my fault, I know that. Just have to try and suss how to fix it..

Take care~
Yup, even little Cornwall got snow. Very fun times. Had a day off college because of it. Monday caused mass panic. When in college, people made it sound like we were surrounded by zombies or something. That would of been fun.

-_- Party this Friday. Might actually die during it, due to tiredness. I hate going out, but if i back out now, the host will kill me. Seriously. Rather face the snow zombies. With an axe.

That's all Nothing exciting coming up. or is there...? >:3
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It's stupidly cold now. What happened to global warming?

Yup. Roads were all icy. Bus 'crashed' into a hedge. Well, the brakes failed so our superb driver steered us into the hedge to slow us. It was that or a sudden drop at the corner that was about 15ft ahead of where we stopped. x_x

Ah well, we all lived, no injuries whatsoever, unless you count cold hands and toes...

Will get writing done soon. Just thought I'd tell you about my fun Wednesday morning. At least I managed to get a lift home... -shivers-
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Well, against all odds, the pageview counter on my page creeps closer to 5000...So~ As I'm a little uninspired (As if anyone couldn't guess) there shall be a Kiriban thing...which means get a nice shot of the numbers showing 5000, or 5008, and i shall take a pic or write a fic (heh, nice ditty there...) for the lucky one/'s who get it... Yeah, no typo, 5000 or 5008. ^^'

*EDIT* Congrats to Dizz for getting the Kiriban~ Expect to see her gifty soon!

News...Nothing really. Drama at college has stopped for now, with the guy getting his girl back, and the girls all being friends again. Good party though...suppose to be from 1:10 to 2:05... we stopped at 4:15 because that's the end of the day XD then i got cake on teh bus~! -hugs amazing friend-

Hmmm~ Had something else...Oh! Dizz: The next prank wars WILL appear, i refuse to let it die like BRR or that character we made...T_T i forgot her name, but that could be lack of sleep...
BTZ2005: e_e again, i will get ya piece done, i swear! I'm just all Joe and Ore'd out (ORE'd not whored for those snickering...yes YOU!) so it may take a while~ But it shall be done... Aaaand if anyone wants something terrible in good will, news years eve, national rabbit's doing the waltz of death week...whatever, please ask~ Yeah...e_e

Well, that's all, sorry folkies. -scurries off to do things-

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Quick update, since i'm on a college compy...More when i get home~

I swear the girl i get partnered with in lab is either trying to kill us all, ditzy or just too daydreamy. My bets on the first 2...

Aie, want to get outta here for at least a month T_T So tired and fed up of the same routine and lessons... And all the drama that seems to kick up! We've had collasping, stalkers, love and tears, as well as lost folders...Too much!

Well, thats all...Prank war update very soon, i hope

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Yup, dead at work. Had about 10 customers in all day. Very boring indeedy, as there is only so many times you can organise an unmessed shelf. Figures...

But i got to thinking, again, after a comment made by an arrogant customer. Middle aged woman (As usual, no offence, but she was) Looking in the freezer. Husband, also upper middle aged, went to look for mint lamb burgers. Wifey, upon feeling the cold (it's a freezer, duh) says 'That's far too cold for anyone to be going through!' and i agreed with her; it's far too deep for shopfront use. Then she turns to me, as if i wouldn't hear her from 3ft away, and says, and i kid you not, "You! You're young and run around in basically nothing, can you get us same burgers?" No please, no humourous tone, just an order and look of disgust. So, being too polite to tell her to get her own burgers and shove them up...yeah, i did. Gave her lossa change as a present....T_T

Fun fact, Kids. Net went down as i typed that. Luckily, i noticed, which meant it was not lost, and i made sure NOT to click off this page. Damn phone line....

XD But all is well. Especially after having the fun thought of Zinaida and Infinitas (Dizz's) in some form of Chicago set-up. The wonders of work on my brain...

Well, that's all. Oh, and there will be nothing here for a while, except Dizz's piece, and maybe something i owe Btz2005. Maybe. I took on too much from other -dies under blanket pile-

Heh, long journal looks long here, but will be short when posted. And nagging me won't get me to do anything i owe anyone faster. It will encourage me to ditch that project with a crude goodbye. You are warned

Frigging nets.....

All the best to ya

-This was suppose to go up YESTERDAY....figures-
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Reunion? Really? 8D

No. XD Name of the song i'm listening to as i type, and the name of a writing i did for Eng Lang. Heheheheh....

So! Tai now has a lovely new laptop. But crappy net is still crappy. As is the phoneline. Sucks.

New course is awesome! Except for all the drama, which drives me insane, it's pretty amazing. Learning lots and lots of stuff

Bad things happening within the original friendship group. Can't say much, since one might find this. Shhhhh....

^^ Going to London for 2 days at half-term. Never really been, only to the airports XD

The best to almost all,
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Yes, i am currently typing this very VERY quickly. Why? Becuase its crappy computer for Tai time

Yet again, another computer in this small cornish household has turned on its owners, and we couldn't do much on it. Luckily we managed to get it back enough for me to do this and be MSNed. For how long, remains unknown.

^_^ So~! If i appear to be gone for a few weeks, its because of the computer! No time or space at college to do it, but i'll try and keep up to date with a few people ^^



Okie, Murphys law says that as soon as i get online and tell people the compies fine, it'll uber-break. Which it did. Thsi edit is being typed up on in 'safe mode with networking' It sucks big time. So i may not be on a great deal. T_T Byeeee for now
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Internets connection has suddenly turned from perfect enough, to very very crappy. Oddly enough, no-one else hasd noticed that its been going on for 2 weeks now... -blinks- i know i spend a lot of time online, but SURELY they woulda noticed... Ore maybe it just hates me? -shrugs- Ah well, i gave it its soul, both the blinky box and the compy. If they keep hating like they are, they'll lose em. And No, that shouldn't make too much sense XD

>> Results day in a week exactly. Dunno if i'll see em online, or go to college and collect em. Probably the college one, to get out and have a place to clear my head. Won't open them till i get home, JUST in case they have 'Epic Fail' scrawled across them. God, i'm absolutely terrified about this! -is nervous-

Bwee, i hassa job! apart from the wasp problems, its not too bad, if not a little dull when the shops empty. Ah well, fairly good pay, and i like the people there. Not too sure on the customers though. I'm not a people person

gah, i really want to get another pet rat, well, two really. T_T I forgot how relaxing and friendly they are, and right now, i would feel sooooo much better if i could come home and have them to play with. With college, i know i can't, because of both parents and myself. It wouldn't be fair on them, but still doesn't stop me wanting em XD Ah well

anywho, crappy nets and results day. Both bad, yet inevitable. If you don't here from me after the 14th, Assume bad results and bad actions.

Have fun,
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Not much to update on. Just felt like tag-clearing. Yay

3 More days of peacefulness, of being home alone for a good few hours, and then the rest of the family (well, most) break up. First thing thats happening? Invasion of younger sibs friends. e_e Eeeeeeeeeh

Went to a beach party on Thursday night. Saw a lil badger, as it ran out in front of us on the track. It was adorable. Oddly, also a full moon. Lit up the beach and sea nicely. -_- and i never bring a camera.

>_> I'm sure i had something to say, but now i can't remember. oops. Results day in under a month? and at flipping last, s'all i can say...unless i fail again. Then i might not be so happy. Oh dear.

That's all for now, unless i remember what i wanted to say. And then i'll just sneakily edit this journal. Bwhahaha, only the observant shall know!

All the Best

Random-Writing ^^' We'll post something new soon, i promise!
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4 days of college left. Yay for that, all this coursework is starting to drag a bit...still terrified of beginning A2. Might have to move form, and that'll be scary. Stuck ina room with new students and a new lecturer... o_o I hate meeting new people....

Taking time off 'work' because of back. Its almost healed, granted, but in my current frame of mind...It would end nastily if i ventured back into the kid infested yard. Miss the horses though...the easiest people to talk to, horses....

Planning on a huge posting of some pics soon. Bit lazy not to of done it, but Compies been hissyfitting. It dislikes Pippa Funnell as much as i do XD

^^ All the best to everyone!
Have fun


Damn Tag... -grumbles-

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18 and find line 4.
“That” said Owen “She keeps doing that. Every twenty six minutes….”

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.
The wall….and if I move it down…a socket and cat food e_e

3.What is the last thing you watched on TV?
3 minutes of NCIS…but the last who thing waaaas… Dr Who ^^’ it sucked

4.Without looking, guess what time it is:

5.Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?

6.With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
A crow, the curtains rustling, and my mum laughing..  

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
Yesterday, and to get to and from college

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
My bags, thinking about what I’d forgotten to pack…still can’t remember

9. What are you wearing?
Black trousers and a bfmv baggy tshirt

10. Did you dream last night?
Yes….don’t ask what it was…it was kinda…creepy o_o

11. When did you last laugh?
Last night, talking to 3 interesting people online… ^^

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
4 paintings… and water marks.

13. Seen anything weird lately?
Define ‘weird’ for me there….

14. What do you think of this quiz?
That I will cheerfully throttle the person who created it ^_^

15. What is the last film you saw?
I Am Legend…sorta. But otherwise Resident Evil: Extinction

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
A flat? and maybe a plane ticket to the 3 places I wanna go ^^

17. Tell me something about you that I don't know.
The person I’m nicest to at college I don’t really know. He just…latched me with a nickname and stalks me slightly.. O_o

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
I…have no idea.  

19. Do you like to dance?
Depends on the dance style, and I can’t dance. I have a D to prove that.

20. George Bush:
…I don’t know him?

21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
Gwen or Sasha

22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
Jack or Daniel. Because of 2 great people I know ^^

23. Would you ever consider living abroad?
^^ already have…but it’s not happening anytime soon.

24. What do you want God to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
….again, I have no idea. Just as long as he DOESN’T say ‘well… wasn’t THAT bad…really..’

25. 4 people who must also do this meme in THEIR journal:
and anyone else...
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  • Playing: basketball
  • Eating: Biscuit
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